That’s a final wrap for the 2020 Yucca Valley Film Festival.

More than 10,000 people followed the event

After a week of replay and votes, the final numbers of the Town of Yucca Valley Signature Event are impressive:

  • all films come to a total of 1,327 videos played on the digital platform Xerb
  • adding the numerous live videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, the festival reached 11,632 impressions and interactions, from October 21st to November 23rd.

All panels and interviews remain available on the Festival Social Media channels.

International reach

Audiences from Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, and Palm Springs were the strongest.

International audiences came from France, Italy, Germany, UK and Mexico.

Audience Vote

The Festival received 232 votes. The 2020 Audience Winners are:

  • FIRST PLACE: Yucca Valley punk rock band “Off The Wall”, with their song “That One Girl”
  • SECOND PLACE: the dance film “Trapped” from the Company “Dance Look” based in Florida
  • THIRD PLACE: the feature film “Sweet Sunshine”, shot in Arizona.

The lead member of the band “Off The Wall” and both directors and choreographer of “Trapped” participated in the Music Video Live panel event on Sunday Nov 15.

The YuccaValley Film Festival managed to organise a reunion of the complete cast of feature film “Sweet Sunshine”, live, during the opening night of the 2020 event.

Thank you

The Festival wants to thank the Hi-Desert community for their support and enthusiasm, and the Town of Yucca Valley for trusting them with this event.