Yucca Valley Film Festival

5th anniversary edition – Nov 10, 11, 12, 2023

Program 2021

NOV 1st, 2021

Box Office opening – Free tickets for all movies, upon email registration on XERB.

NOV 1st through NOV 11, 2021

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NOV 12 through NOV 14, 2021

2021 Yucca Valley Film Festival

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NOV 14 through NOV 21, 2021

Replay of the 2021 winning films, ON XERB.


The films start streaming at the day and time they are listed below.

Some discussions with the filmmakers and artists are already available, some will be live during the festival.

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FRIDAY NOV 12, 2021

6:30pm: Kick Off Event with Mayor’s pro tem Welcome and select filmmakers as special guests!

Kick it off with us, LIVE!

7pm: Opening Films

Watch the films on XERB, and watch the discussion with artists below, before or after you watch the films!

Opening Short Film
Directed and starring Nick Luciano, Yucca Valley Award Recipient 2020 & Audience Award 2019.
Opening Feature Film
Chelsea Murphy’s directorial debut, the movie was filmed in Yucca Valley and the Hi-Desert in May 2019.


10am: Documentaries

Watch the films on XERB, and watch the discussion with artists below!

Kiss the Ground
Narrated by Woody Harrelson, also with Gisele Bündchen, Patricia and David Arquette, Jason Mraz
1H20USJosh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell
Desert Apocalypse
70,000 Joshua Trees are threatened by a 16-square mile project called Sawtooth Solar, near Beatty, Nevada.
18’32USJustin McAffee
King of Dinoland
King of Dinoland follows outsider artist Abe Delcerda as he faces homelessness while trying to find a new home to create his creatures.
22’41USTed Meyer
Behind The Burning Vines
The untold stories from the heroes of California’s wildfires.
39’45USWill Twomey

1pm: KIDS SECTION, animated films

Watch the films on XERB!

The Cactus Cat6’15USSarah Wickenhauser
The Snow Ball4’44CanadaRick MacDonald
Petals3’22USDana Timpert
Bluebird8’46USJohn Ryan
The Penguin & the Whale2’32ChinaEzequiel Torres, Pablo Rafael Roldan
The Broken Candle9′USFelix Kiner
The Rhino and the Redbill13’24CanadaAlex Henderson
Dino!24’42JapanShin Hosokawa
God of Fortune9’07MalaysiaNerissa Choo Wee JIn
Gaslight3’33USKristen Yuan, Mild Kamolluck Niamkongkit
Smiles11′USSteven Bednar
In the House of Paper Flowers7’30US (LA) Anita George
The Dinosaur8’20USSteven Bednar

2pm: Drone Films & Trailers in competition

Watch the films on XERB!

Kalaallit Nunaat5’22USIan Montgomery
Alyeska6’11USChris Crass
The Epic Exumas4’10USMike Sember
Mineral – Kivennäinen5′FinlandOlli Huttunen
Just A GhoultrailerUS
Forty Years From NowtrailerUS
What Happens In The Desert trailerUS
Arizona 1878 trailerSpain


About his career and his new book. Chat with Michael LIVE and watch below!


Join the filmmakers LIVE, then watch all the films on XERB!

The Snow Ball
A kid imagines himself as a powerful ninja decimating SnowMen a-la Kill Bill.
5CanadaRick MacDonald
From YVFF Alumni Tracie Laymon.
A woman with a lot of baggage falls in love with a man haunted by his past. Literally.
15US (LA)Tracie Laymon
Yes, Who, I Love You Too
In the employee break room of A&C Sporting Goods, Heather enlists the help of her co-worker Stephanie in preparing for Music Trivia Night at her local bar.
5US (LA) Chuck Marra, Megan Foley
The Spanish Lesson
Directed and starring Nick Luciano, Yucca Valley Award Recipient 2020 & Audience Award 2019.
429 PalmsNick Luciano
Just A Ghoul
A boy is ghosted when his first date dies, only to be ghosted again when her apparition cannot move on without finishing the date.
29USJameson DeSantis
Forty Years From Now
Forty years after graduation, three High School friends reunite to fulfill a pact to dig up a coffee can they buried containing predictions and secrets written by their younger selves.
20USJohn Manna
My First Native American Boyfriend
After they’ve been dating for a few months, Emily starts apologizing for every micro-aggression she has ever made against Native Americans.
5US (LA) Joey Clift


Join the filmmakers LIVE, then watch all the films on XERB!

PAMA Winner 2021. Matthieu and Alexanne are living the perfect love story. But beyond the routine, Alexanne gradually becomes aware of her condition…
18FranceKilian Thomas
Nil Difficile Volenti
A young actor becomes his idol’s prompter for a theatrical performance. Starring Franco Nero.
15ItalyFabio d’Avino
Arizona 1878
Two prisoners from the prison of the state of Yuma meet with freedom, and embark in an adventure involving Indians and an implacable Marshall.
20SpainManuel Jose Olaya Muñoz
The Ballad of Emma Wright22USCarlos Diaz
Voices from the Void
Two shipwrecked astronauts fight over how to get rescued from an alien desert.
10USTheo Burtis
Welcome to Forever
By John Gray, 2020 Yucca Valley Film Festival Alumni.
9USJohn Gray
A fashion model leaves her life for the desert…and meets a mysterious stranger who finally brings the change she’s been looking for.
24US (LA) Bonnie Foster
What Happens In The Desert 
A satirical dark comedy set in the desert showcasing a moment of craziness in a dysfunctional relationship.
10USKassy Mahea

SUNDAY NOV 14, 2021


This event already happened! Based on artists availability, we went live on Friday, so you can already watch it below!

A Second Honeymoon39USWilliam H Luvaas, Lucinda Bee Luvaas
Legends58USDanny Alex
Jane16CanadaJovanna Burke
You Didn’t Come to See My Band120US (LA) David Ballard
“Nu Na Da Ul Tsun Yi” – The Place Where They Cried129USSabrina Cooper, Jonathan J. Williams
PAMA nominee 2021.
15USMadyson DeJausserand
Tilt92USBen Moroski
It’s Over Between Us96USNick Duke


Watch the films on XERB, and watch the discussion with artists below!

Visual movieMigration4’50USOlivia Perillo, Syd Horn
Visual movieThe Destiny of Pirates: Flibustier
By 2019 Yucca Valley Film Festival Winner Florian Cioffi.
2’08FranceFlorian Cioffi
Visual moviePainting By Numbers4’23AustraliaRadheya Jegatheva
Art PhotographySoloSeries and videoUSJustin Risley
Art PhotographyRainbow Over Flamingo Heights Single pictureYucca ValleyAlice Jones
Art PhotographyHidden ParadiseSingle pictureYucca ValleyDenise Vasquez
Art PhotographyRainbow In A StormSingle pictureYucca ValleyDenise Vasquez


Filmed at the Kelso Dunes. A long recovery after a disaster, conveying resilience, hope, despair, loss, and a patient sense of humor. 
5’43USBlaine Suque
Dancers embody mythological woodland creatures  inspired by the Greek god Pan and his homeland, Arcadia.
4’56USCharly & Eriel Santagado
The Escape
An asylum patient is overwhelmed with her hallucinations and memories. 
8’20Russian FedLiudmila Komrakova
The frustration of simple communication becomes a sound and forms a rhythm.
2’12JapanHiroshi Kizu
P73 #1
The title is inspired by a painting by Polish American abstract artist Jack Tworkov. Danced by LGBTQ+ activist Maxfield Haynes and set to a score by Wisconsin based composer Joseph Koykkar
7’49USJason Andrew
Season Syndrome
Two people keep tipping over the equilibrium.
7’03NetherlandsArjan Gebraad

3pm: Watch the MUSIC VIDEOS on Xerb, the discusion with filmmakers right below!

New Mexico 4’08USGarrett Randol
Burn From You
Filmed in Joshua Tree.
3’48USJamielyn Lippman
Hand of Time – Triptides
An ironist’s deconstruction in evolutionary relationships between tools and gestures under the guise of a civilized man studying a boorish caveman and an emotionally repressed cyborg.
5’04USLejla Subasic
Can You Believe My Luck
Filmed in the desert.
4’01USStephen Burns
The Shins – The Great Divide
An unwavering reverse-zoom journey through the big bang into the creation of life to a distant future all in one continuous camera move. 
4’02USPaul Trillo
Highland Home4’59USDan Schaefer
You’re Fucking Welcome
Filmed in Joshua Tree.
3’32USBarbara Wilder

3:30pm: STUDENT SHORT FILMS, on Xerb.

A professional artist is on the brink of failure as she struggles with self-doubt and the resignation of her new assistant just before her first solo show.
23’29PortugalPatricia Delgado
Rosie’s Watch
Rosie is a young girl with dreams of being just like her dad. What happens when she finds out her dad’s job isn’t a normal 9-5?
13’36USMitchell Francis
Bug Bite
A young couple on vacation must grapple with tension in their relationship as the main character processes her phobias.
14’16USBridget Connell
Vlada Goes to London
PAMA Winner 2021.
Vlada is a pizza delivery girl with dreams of becoming a famous DJ. She needs to find the money to go perform at a festival in London.
21’54IsraelArti Savchenko
Three Amigos
Three friends take a road trip. Halfway through the journey, one of them finds a bag full of money. 
20′SpainMarcos Del Pozo Fernández, Pablo Baquedano San Martín


musicChristian Moullec: Flying With BirdsBelgiumTim Janssens
musicZagarItalyMaria Rago
musicThe Red River Flood
PAMA nominee 2021.
USBrian Katona
posterWhat Happens In The Desert USKassy Mahea
posterThe Ballad of Emma WrightUSCarlos Diaz
posterHug me, hug me right!KoreaJian Lee


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