The mission of the Yucca Valley Film Festival is to bring national and international talents to Yucca Valley.

To do so, the festival lists 10 categories in competition for this first year, and 10 cash prizes. All filmmakers selected for the festival will run for a physical award, and a chance to win the prize money if voted best in their category.

Cash prizes will be as follows:

Best Short Film: —> $400 
Best Feature: —> $300 
Audience Award: —> $200 
Yucca Valley Award: —> $200 (for local artists only) 
Best Student Film: —> $200 
Best Documentary: —> $200 
Best Music Video: —> $200 
Best Animated Short Film: —> $100 
Best Visual Art: —> $100 
Best Script: —> $100

You want to submit your film, your documentary, your music video? Click on the image below.


Audiences and moviegoers will be able to cast their vote after every screening.


The Yucca Valley Award will go to a local artist, with no consideration of its competing category.