Filmmaking Youth Program for Ages 14 – 21

Make Your Submissions by November 9th!  

As part of the Yucca Valley Film Festival, the youth of the community are invited to participate in a free Virtual Youth Film Workshop and create their own short film. 

So, grab a phone, tablet or camera and follow the guides to create your own video! Selected videos will be shown and promoted during the 2020 Yucca Valley Film Festival.

Deadline to submit is November 9th!


Participants must be local residents of the Morongo Basin or the Hi-Desert area, or have active involvement in the local community.

Solo or team submissions accepted.

Grades 14-21

COST: free

EQUIPMENT: whatever tech you have access to!

Phones – Tablets – DSLRs, Mobile editing apps or advanced computer software accepted!


Participants will make a short video that responds to the Festival themes of: “Better from Home” or “Interview with a Superhero”. 


What did the Stay at Home situation change for you?

How was your everyday life impacted (games, school, family time, more time outside in the desert…)?

What were the positive impacts of being all together at home with your family, pets?



If you were a Superhero yourself, and you were responding to your first interview for TV. Tape that interview!

If you know a Superhero, fictitious or in real life (firefighter, cop, your Mom or Dad, someone in the community you admire), film a quick interview to share their positive impact on the community!


This program is for all filmmaking abilities! 

Haven’t I done many films? No worries! We want everybody to have fun and share their ideas!


Make a short video that responds to the theme of the contest.

Your video entry will be considered as part of the 2nd Yucca Valley Film Festival, with digital screenings this year.

This challenge is really open-ended – if you’re looking for some more direction, please check our ressources link below.

Winning videos will be shown and promoted during the 2020 Yucca Valley Film Festival and will remain available online as part of the Festival’s catalogue.

Students may work on their videos individually or in teams.

Video Style and Length: Videos must be 1-3 minutes in length and can be created in any style (interview, music video, narrative, documentary, etc.)  We encourage you to get creative!


Create your video

2 Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link OR send your video directly to us. Email: with the subject “Workshop Submission”

3 Include your first, last name, email and phone number in your email. Please also indicate an email to reach your parents.


TUTORIAL: Film on your phone

TUTORIAL: Audio tips

TUTORIAL: Lighting tips

TUTORIAL: Editing on your phone, Part 1

TUTORIAL: Editing on your phone, Part 2

Mobile editing App Guide

Any question? Contact us on yuccavalleyfilmfestival(AT) !